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Smoke Test

FTMSA to Begin Testing Customer Connections

DEP Consent Order and Agreement (COA) limited to smoke testing.

MURRYSVILLE – On August 29, 2019, FTMSA, contributing systems, and surrounding municipalities– Borough of Export, Borough of Delmont, Salem Township, Penn Township Sewage Authority, Monroeville Municipal Authority, Municipality of Murrysville, Penn Township, and the Municipality of Monroeville – entered into a Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The COA is an Order of the DEP requiring corrective actions to be taken to eliminate the hydraulic overload of the FTMSA system.  The overload occurs due to Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) in the system caused by deficiencies in the infrastructure or through illegal connections.

The corrective actions of the COA will be completed over the next few years and will include flow monitoring, visual inspections, televised main line inspections and inspections of privately owned facilities.  This data will be used to build a map of the system and determine the magnitude of repairs needed to eliminate the hydraulic overload. Since 2019 the FTMSA has televised over 800,000 feet of FTMSA owned main lines. Now the focus shifts to inspection of the customer owned facilities.

Under the COA, customer owned sewer connections will be inspected by smoke testing to identify any possible illegal connections.  This involves dispersing a non-toxic, non-hazardous smoke into the mainlines and visual inspection of the locations where smoke exits the system. Smoke observed exiting residential gutters and downspouts would signal an illegal connection, while smoke observed exiting the ground would indicate a broken or defective private sewer lateral. Tests will be performed by FTMSA personnel observing approved CDC COVID-19 safety protocols and wearing appropriate ID and credentials.

Any illegal connections discovered during smoke testing will require repair or removal at the cost of the property owner within a reasonable time period specified by the FTMSA. Upon such repair or removal, that property owner’s facilities will be inspected by a contractor of the customer’s choosing to ensure all sewer connections are proper and in compliance.

The COA is complicated and extensive and for the community to achieve success and avoid penalties, the FTMSA as well as the public at large must work together to ensure compliance. We understand the inconvenience you will face. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to meet the requirements of the COA.

Please allow this to serve as notice that we, (FTMSA), endeavors to notify you in advance of when we will be performing the above-mentioned smoke test inspection on your property. At a minimum, a 48 hour hang tag notice will be posted on your property to notify you of the test.


FTMSA will be starting the CO&A smoke testing in Murrysville on May 18th 2021. 

Phase 1 targeted streets include:

  1. Margaretta Drive
  2. Calla Drive
  3. Lott Drive
  4. Old Logan Ferry
  5. Hemlock Lane
  6. Harvest Drive
  7. Whispering Pines
  8. Cedar Lane
  9. Cypress Drive
  10. Sunflower Court
  11. Iris Court
  12. Cooper Lane
  13. Barberry Court
  14. Juniper Court
  15. Logan Ferry Road
  16. Remaley Road
  17. Mayflower Court
  18. Oak Ridge Lane
  19. Laurel Oak Circle
  20. Pin Oak
  21. Gun Club Road
  22. Windsor Court
  23. Royal Court
  24. Duchess Court
  25. Buckingham Court
  26. Princess Court
  27. Glenshire Court
  28. Edinburg Drive
  29. Trouthaven Drive
  30. Lochner Court
  31. Tartan Court
  32. Dublane Court
  33. Devonwood Court
  34. Forbes Trail
  35. Burwick Court
  36. Calton Drive
  37. Ridgemont Court
  38. Turnberry Court
  39. Himalya Court
  40. Shangri- La
  41. Moonlight Court
  42. Overlook Court
  43. Hidden Valley Road
  44. Rainprint Lane
  45. Crosswinds Lane
  46. Edgetree Lane
  47. Nature Trail Lane
  48. Franklin Towne Road