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Payment Options


Pay Online Note:  Please make sure you use the correct FTMSA account number during the payment process.  If not, your payment will get posted to someone else's account instead of your own.

Please click here for Credit Card or ACH payments

ACH PAYMENTS - a payment made directly from your checking account. 



(MasterCard – Discover – Visa)

$2.50 fee charged for up to first $400.00 

Additional over $400.00 and every $400.00 over that

$4.75 up to $800.00

$7.00 up to $1200.00

$9.25 up to $1600.00

$11.50 up to $2,000.00

$13.75 up to $2,400.00

$16.00 up to $2,800.00

(please see below for more information)


You will not be able to pay with a Credit Card or ACH payment over the phone or at the FTMSA office.

This Credit Card and ACH payment service is secure and simple. Payments made by Credit Card will be charged a flat convenience fee of $2.50, up to $400.00 for each transaction.  If payment is more than $400.00, you will be charged additional on each increment of $400.00 for all credit card types for online purchases. (please see above amounts)

This fee goes to a third party processor and is not retained by FTMSA. 

For an ACH payment online, this payment is made directly from your checking account.  A Bank Routing number and your checking account would be required after the payment choice is made.  A savings account is not a valid account for an ACH payment, nor can you use a bank deposit slip.

This fee goes to a third party processor and is not retained by FTMSA. 

Please note that your payment may not be posted to your sewer account for up to 48 business hours after you make the transaction.  Payments made close to your shut-off date may not avoid service termination and you will still incur additional termination fees and/or penalties.  You may want to contact the FTMSA office as to our termination process.  (724-327-1950) 

If your water is already shut-off and you are wanting to pay with a credit card, or an ACH payment, you must call the office and advise us that you are paying online.

The online credit card/ACH payment system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, from time to time we may need to take the system down for maintenance. 


Please click here for Credit Card or ACH Payments


Payment Policies

  • All bills are due upon receipt and past due after the 20th of each month.  A penalty will be charged for past due balances each month.
  • Penalty, if not paid by the due date, is 5% plus 1 1/2% per month if not paid within 60 days of due date on the unpaid balance.
  • Payments are posted the day they are received in our office, not by the postmark date.
  • Customers will be charged $19.50 for every returned check.
  • Vacant properties will be billed, unless the line is capped and inspected by F.T.M.S.A


Payment Options

  • The Authority accepts money orders, checks and cash at the Sewer Authority Office reception window, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 
  • We are now able to accept on-line credit card payments and ACH payments. Mastercard, Discover & Visa.
  • Checks should be made payable to F.T.M.S.A or Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority.   

•If paying by mail, please include your return stub with your payment to ensure proper credit.  Please do not staple your payment to your stub.

•Mail to:   F.T.M.S.A., 3001 Meadowbrook Rd., Murrysville, PA  15668