Mainline Camera Work Notification

We would like to inform the public and our customers that Redzone Robotics will be televising its sanitary sewer collection system starting April 20, 2020 and continuing through November 2020.  Redzone will have multiple crews televising the sanitary sewer system. Each member of Redzone’s team will have proper identification and paperwork from FTMSA indicating they have permission to be televising the sanitary sewer system. During this project, there is no reason/need for any personnel to enter anyone’s residence or building.

Below is a link to a map that shows where Phase 1 of this project is located.

Redzone’s crews will be at various locations within these areas. If for any reason they move from Phase 1 to another area the map will be updated to reflect those changes. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the inspection of our infrastructure.  If there are any questions feel free to contact our office here on our website or call at (724) 327-1950.