2022 Rate Increase

The Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority entered into a Consent Order and Agreement with Delmont Borough, Salem Township, Export Borough, Plum Borough, Monroeville Municipal Authority, and Penn Township on August 29th, 2019. The agreement mandates that certain actions be taken within a 6-year timeframe to identify and correct all sewer line defects to eliminate all sewer system overflows. Over the past two and a half years, FTMSA has identified and evaluated all sanitary sewage facilities throughout the service area. Several of the objectives mandated by the Consent Order & Agreement have already been accomplished. Some examples include inspection and raising of 4,496 manholes, lining of the main interceptor, elimination of Bel-Aire Pump Station, installation of temporary and permanent flow meters, and installation of two new generators at the main pump station and sewage treatment plant.

Future projects include upgrades to additional pump stations, completion of smoke testing, and continued correction of all defects within the collection system. In addition to corrections to the collection system, the Authority must also update its facilities at the treatment plant.
In order to comply with the demands of the Consent Order and Agreement, the Authority has borrowed 20 million dollars through the issuance of municipal bonds. As a result, the Authority will increase rates by 8% on average per customer. Murrysville’s current rates are $48.59 without a garbage disposal charge, and $50.80 with a garbage disposal charge. The new rate will be $55.00 for all customers in Murrysville. The garbage disposal fee of $2.21 will be eliminated from the bill. Other customers outside of Murrysville will see a similar increase which is still being calculated.

The rate increase will begin August 1, 2022. Customers will see the increase on their August bill due 8/20/2022.