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The F.T.M.S.A. was established in December 1967 as a Municipal Authority by the board of Supervisors of Franklin Township.  The treatment plant was completed and went into operation in May of 1970.  In 1985 the plant was doubled in capacity and in 1992, the plant was upgraded to advanced secondary treatment to meet all current laws.  In 2004 a new egg-shaped digester, a pasteurization process for the sludge and a septage receiving station was added to the plant.

In 1978, Franklin Township became the Municipality of Murrysville. Municipal Authorities are different from regular boards and commissions in that they are independent state agencies with appointments to the board made by the incorporating local government.  Each year, Murrysville Council appoints one member to the five member board.  A term lasts for 5 years.  Any vacancies to the board are also filled by Council.

The Meadowbrook Road Water Pollution Control Plant is located on Meadowbrook Road, Municipality of Murrysville, Westmoreland County and is operated by the Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority.

The Treatment plant is an aerobic biological treatment facility with grit removal, primary clarification, trickling filters, secondary clarification, nitrification towers, shallow bed sand filtration units, ultraviolet disinfection, sludge thickening, anaerobic biological sludge stabilization, sludge dewatering, and methane gas utilization facilities.  The current permitted hydraulic capacity of the facility is 4,900,000 gallons per day and is an advanced wastewater treatment facility.