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About Your Sewer

The Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority Sewage System comprises one (1) sewage treatment plant, fourteen  (14) sewage pumping stations, collector sewers, conveyance sewers, five (5) regulators, and associated sewer appurtenances.  This sewer system serves the Municipality of Murrysville, the Borough of Export, the Borough of Delmont, and portions of Salem Township, Penn Township, Municipality of Monroeville and Plum Borough. 


Water Pollution Control Plant

This facility is operated under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit No. PA 0025674 and is located on Meadowbrook Road in the Municipality of Murrysville.  The treatment plant is an aerobic biological treatment facility with grit removal, primary clarification, trickling filters, secondary clarification, nitrification towers, shallow bed sand filtration units, ultraviolet disinfection, sludge thickening, anaerobic biological sludge stabilization, sludge dewatering, thermally treated sewage sludge process, septage receiving station, and methane gas utilization facilities.  The current permitted hydraulic capacity of the facility is 4,900,000 gallons per day and is an advanced wastewater treatment facility.  Please refer to the general layout drawings of the water pollution control plant, at the conclusion of this section, depicting the existing facilities.


Sewer System

The Authority's sanitary  sewer  conveyance and collection system consists of approximately 332.9 miles of sanitary sewer lines ranging in size from 6 inches to 36 inches in diameter, five (5) sewage regulators that service the Borough of Export, seven (7) sewage pump stations and 245.0 miles of collector and main sewer in the Municipality of Murrysville as well as 13.6 miles of collector sewer in the portion of the Municipality of Murrysville in which the sewage is conveyed and subsequently treated by Plum Borough (Holiday Park Treatment Plant).  The Authority is also responsible for the maintenance of 23.1 miles of collector sewers in Delmont Borough, 3.4 miles of collector sewer in the Municipality of Monroeville, 23.5 miles of collector sewers, four (4) sewage pump stations in Penn Township, 19.2 miles of collector sewers, and three (3) sewage pump stations in Salem Township.  The monitoring, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of 5 miles of collector sewers in Export Borough are presently being operated by Export Borough.  During the first nine months of 2018, approximately 2,887 ft of 6 inch force main and 7,189 ft of 8 inch of additional sewer lines were constructed.